Our Story

The Guyana Foundation is a charitable trust that has been created to contribute meaningfully to the rebuilding of Guyana. Driven by the conviction that great change can be made by people who are encouraged and supported, the Foundation has conducted large and small-scale projects across the country in an effort to restore hope and purpose, rebuild lives, and create a better future for all Guyanese.

To release the power of people globally to empower Guyanese to rebuild their communities, bring fulfillment and well-being to their families, enabling them to build relations of trust and friendship among themselves irrespective of race and beliefs. — Mission Statement


Since our formation, dozens of individuals across the world, and locally in Guyana, have stepped forward to share ideas, develop projects, and fund-raising to assist the people we serve. Please consider joining this group of dedicated individuals to make a difference in the lives of our underprivileged Guyanese brothers and sisters.


These community-based centers will offer a variety of skills-training courses, holistic wellness programs, and counseling. The first Center was launched in June 2016 in Zorg-En-Vlygt, Essequibo Coast. 

Support our work

Every dollar you donate will provide immediate relief and vital services to underprivileged individuals, families and communities across the country. You can donate by sending us an email for further information at guyanafoundation@gmail.com.