Guyana Foundation to Launch Mental Health Program

A non-profit organisation has announced its intention to launch a two-phase national mental health programme which is being supported by UK donor, Mr. Joe Moore.

According to a release from the Guyana Foundation, the new initiative to tackle mentalhealth will be done on a national scale. Managing Director of the Foundation, Mr. Anthony Autar explained that the first phase of the programme is focused on raising public awareness about mental health issues while the second phase will be aimed at providing professional mental health care.
“The first part of the programme will be about sensitising the population about mental health issues. It will seek to raise awareness of mental health through the media, while educating persons through seminars which will take place across the country.”

“At the second phase we are hoping to involve mental health professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists… we are open to other stakeholders, who may wish to contribute.”
The Foundation announced that it intends to network with its international partners to improve the quality of service being offered to persons dealing with mental health issues.

Additionally, the new programme will seek to provide outreaches to communities which are greatly affected by mental health issues.

“The Guyana Foundation will continue to do as much as we can on our own with the hope that the relevant authorities will recognize our efforts and that the nation can begin to work together as a team to stop the senseless loss of life that we have been watching pass before our eyes .It must stop now!”, the release from the organisation stated.

The Foundation wants all citizens to become involved in its efforts to tackle the mental health problem in Guyana since it believes that poverty and hardship are causing severe mental health breakdowns.

“If you are a neighbor, a brother, a sister, a friend, a stranger with a good heart you have the responsibility to reach out to assist those who are on the brink of a mental breakdown. Let’s work together on this. We appeal to all to assist with this program,” the organization further stated
The Guyana Foundation says it is committed to leading an honest and public discussion about the mental health issues facing the Guyanese population, to fight to de-stigmatize mental illness, and to ensure that individuals with mental health problems can eventually access treatment and support services in an efficient manner.

The Foundation which is headed by former Peoples National Congress/Reform Executive Member Supriya Singh is aimed at assisting in the transformation of Guyanese communities, and families; enabling them to build relations of trust and friendship among themselves irrespective of race and beliefs.