Guyana Foundation Lends a Helping Hand to Blairmont/Ithaca Resident to Launch a Photo Exhibition and Book Fair, Raising Awareness on Mental Health and Domestic Abuse Issues.

On March 27th, 2014, Reverend Cecil Kishun of the Abundant Life Fellowship in Blairmont/Ithaca, West Berbice, held a Photo Exhibition and Book Fair with assistance from the Guyana Foundation.

The exhibition included mental health posters, and hundreds of local newspaper clippings that had been painstakingly collected over the past few years by Rev. Kishun on suicide, abuse and deaths related to mental health breakdowns. The visual effect of hundreds of clippings reporting on death by suicide and abuse over the years was very powerful and deeply shocking and sad.

Rev. Kishun at the Photo Exhibition

Rev. Kishun at the Photo Exhibition

A few hundred individuals – including school children, teachers, community leaders, and residents – attended this event, which was held near the Blairmont/Ithaca public road, and lasted for approximately five hours.

According to Rev. Cecil Kishun of Abundant Life Fellowship, “this was a new initiative that residents of the area were very excited about. They were eager to view the photos, and they learned a lot, especially when it comes to suicide and domestic violence.”

Rev. Kishun plans to organize similar events in the coming months in the West Berbice area, with the next one planned for Bath Settlement.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of the Guyana Foundation, Mr. Anthony Autar, expressed his delight that the Foundation was able to assist in this project. He explained that “this project was funded through our mental health program. We are so encouraged that there are groups and entities in Guyana, like Abundant Life Fellowship, that are helping to raise awareness about mental health issues in creative ways. No effort is too small, and we hope that others will join to help educate Guyanese, and raise awareness about mental health issues in their communities.”