Donors Team-Up to Bring Joy and Excitement to Underprivileged Guyanese Children

Recently, we introduced our friends and supporters to Desiree Williams, a single mother with very meagre resources to take care of her eleven children. Two engineers assisted us to complete emergency repairs and renovations to the home the family was living in, but we could not leave them without providing some of the basic necessities they were lacking.

Because the home does not have any electricity, the Foundation donated a solar-light kit to ensure that the children would have a reliable light supply in the evenings to do their homework. Through the generosity of a donor from the United States, mattresses, bed sheets, a gas stove, a filled gas cylinder, and a pot set were also purchased and donated to the family.

We were then contacted by Mrs. Stephanie Walls, a Guyanese-Canadian, and a close friend of the Foundation, who informed us that she and her family members had collected toys, clothing, footwear, books and school supplies for Desiree and her children. These items were handed over to the very excited family at the end of last month.

We want to thank everyone who have supported, and offered kind words of encouragement to Desiree and her family. The expressions of joy on the faces of the children were priceless – each time with visited to handover a donation.

Here's a thank you letter from Desiree's children: