Guyana Foundation Partners with UK-Guyanese Trainer to Offer Accredited GOALS Motivation/Self-Esteem Program in Essequibo

The Guyana Foundation recently partnered with Elwyn Boyle from the UK to offer an accredited Gaining Opportunities and Living Skills (GOALS) Motivational Program to more than twenty participants of its Sunrise Center on the Essequibo Coast.

Recognized around the world, the GOALS program combines the best of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), positive psychology, the psychology of employment and common sense to challenge the way people think, feel and behave – creating an altogether more positive attitude within the individual which enables movement towards employment and ultimately a better standard of living.

During the two-days training, participants had engaging discussions on a number of pertinent, real-work topics. These include acknowledging and completing the past, positive self-talk, acknowledging and affirming their strengths, clarifying their vision and value, planning for the future, visualizing, affirming and acting to create success, responding to feedback, perseverance, and related topics. The sessions were expertly led by Ms. Boyle, who is an accredited facilitator of the GOALS program, and originally from the Essequibo Coast.

Participants of the GOALS program 

Participants of the GOALS program 

Managing Director of the Guyana Foundation, Anthony Autar explained that “an integral aspect of the work of the Sunrise Center is to provide participants with a rounded experience so they are equipped to deal with the various challenges they will encounter in the real world, and be productive members of their respective communities.”

“As such, the Foundation is very pleased that it was able to partner with Ms. Boyle to offer this GOALS Motivation Program to the first batch of students of the Sunrise Center. We are excited to see these participants gain news skills that they can draw upon to navigate life challenges, overcome obstacles and shape a better future for themselves and their families.”

 Autar also expressed the Foundation’s deepest appreciation to Ms. Boyle for her commitment to the success of the Sunrise Center. “Elwyn was one of the first individuals to commit to making recurring donations to the Center, and also sourced all the course materials for this program – including workbooks and CDs. The Foundation remains grateful to her for her generous contribution to our work on the Essequibo Coast and looks forward to a continuing partnership.”