The Guyana FUNdation Cricket Tour and Workshops

Krish Nath, a U.K. Ambassador for the Guyana Foundation, has organized a cricket tour to Guyana to promote mental wellness. He has travelled to Guyana with a team of mental health professionals from the United Kingdom who will be playing cricket matches around the country under the theme, “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” in aid of the work of the Guyana Foundation.

The team is currently in the Essequibo Islands and on the Essequibo Coast and all is going very well. Cricket matches will also be played in Tuchen, West Demerara; Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara; Port Mourant and Bath Settlement at Berbice; with the final match being played at Everest Cricket Ground in Georgetown.

There will also be table tennis and golf matches along with seminars and workshop sessions which will be used to demonstrate to the young and older adults that an active and healkthy lifestyle can lead to a more rewarding and longer life.

The Guyana Foundation welcomes the team and wishes to thank them very much for coming.

Information for Mr. Krish Nath

Information for Mr. Krish Nath

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