Guyana Foundation Mental Health Support Group Page

Dr. Latchman Narain who runs the Toronto Anger Management Center in Canada offered to set up this page to give counselling and support and to bring a clearer understanding to mental health issues. Judging from the ongoing cases of suicide and abuse that ended fatally in the past month alone, our work in raising awareness of mental health issues is of vital importance, so we must increase our efforts.

Please spread the word about this Group,, if you think it can be helpful to persons who are at risk. Sometimes a person's ability to talk to someone can save a life.

This group aims to address the needs of members of the Guyana Foundation who are interested in promoting mental health in Guyana. The Foundation, over the past five years, has made considerable progress in this regard as evidenced by the establishment of a mental health center (Sunrise Center) at Zorg-en-Vlygt on the Essequibo Coast and another to be soon opened at Parfait Harmonie, on the West Bank of Demerara.

While we are interested in addressing different social problems rooted in mental health issues, one of our focus is on suicide because Guyana continues to have among the highest suicide rates in the world. The posts herein will describe different aspects of mental health and mental illness that would seek to identify symptoms, causes and treatment methods, as far as possible. We are aware that mental health issues have to be considered holistically with emphasis on its behavioral and cultural context.

This group is aligned with the Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc., a professional counselling centre located in Toronto,Canada, which you can view at and,

If you have any comments, please feel free to share without the fear of judgement. Our main task is to help each other to live happier, fuller lives, to problem-solve and be resilient in the face of stresses associated with modern day living.

Dr. Latchman has trained many volunteers here in Guyana for us. We will be calling on these volunteers to step forward now to work with him on this page and to prepare for another mental health workshop later on in the year. We need our trained volunteers to assist with the creation of a special mental health newsletter to be sent out quarterly.

Our Senior Counsellor at the Sunrise Center, Haimraj Hamandeo will be leaving shortly for the UK. He will represent the Guyana Foundation at the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies Conference.

As we open more Sunrise Centers we need trained Counsellors to support persons in the various communities. There is still much work to be done. Please continue to support our work.


Dr. Latchman Narain

Dr. Latchman Narain