Rowing the Atlantic Ocean without leaving the Commonwealth

The Guyana Foundation and the Commonwealth Row partnership is one of the coolest things yet. This is to notify everyone that Mr. Richard Allen of the Royal Marines Commando left Sierra Leon in Africa on the evening of Thursday 13th December to row to Guyana. 

The Guyana Foundation has given him the name, “Tamu’kke”, for his boat, which is an Amerindian word for togetherness or unity. He will arrive in Guyana in February of 2019.  

Mr. Allen has sent us educational packs to distribute to schools about the Commonwealth and the value of protecting the ocean. The Foundation will be working together with Richard on many projects in the future and his row will raise awareness about our work in Guyana globally. 

If you would like to follow the live tracker on his website, and, you can see how he is progressing over the Atlantic heading to Guyana.

It is a challenging journey and he will have to deal with the doldrums; he is a Commando and highly trained. The fact that he found the Guyana Foundation and to reach out to assist us in this way is just incredible.  We will continue to keep you posted on the events planned when he approaches Guyana. In the meantime his website can keep you informed.

Richard Allen.png