Another Sunrise Center success story

Since opening our doors, the Sunrise Center has contributed to building the lives of countless individuals. Our counseling and skills transfer programs continue to make a huge difference. Our commitment is to ensure that individuals are equipped with skills to empower them to be self-sufficient so that they can create a better life for themselves and families.

Meet Aileen, a single parent who like many women in Guyana struggles to make ends meet. She operates a small shop in the town of Suddie on the Essequibo Coast. There is little economic activity on the coast so her shop is not doing well and she cannot provide for her family. She heard of the courses offered by the Sunrise Center and enrolled for the Fabric Designing course. Aileen has successfully completed the program and has since started to apply her skills in fabric designing. She creates beautiful tie-dye pieces and decorative dolls and sells them in her shop.

“I was able to learn how to socialize with others and to interact; I never knew that I had all this creative abilities locked off inside of me. I am happy to know that I can create pieces that can make others feel and look beautiful. My encouragement to other women is to stay focus, and don’t be discourage by the hardships of life because despite what you may be going through in life, don’t give up.” Aileen said.

Her dream is to one day expand to a level where she can employ other women and pass on her knowledge particularly to other single parents.

Way to go Aileen. God’s richest blessings for your continued success.