Dreams do become a reality

We all are fed up of Facebook at times but then it allows us to share the success stories from the work we are doing in Guyana; that is when Facebook rocks.

We are working in an area of the world, which many of you have never heard of; Essequibo, in the country of Guyana on the coast of South America, taking its name from the mighty Essequibo River, which is 22 miles wide at its mouth.

We work here because the suicide rate is high; there are many social ills that are out of control, alcohol addiction, lack of economic opportunity, hopelessness among the youth, among others. It is a lush beautiful place with beautiful people but they need help to move forward.

Through our skills transfer courses at our Sunrise Center many persons have been able to uplift their lives. Here is someone you need to meet.

Browne Jacobus graduated in December 2017 and has since been using her skills to generate income for herself and her family. She operates her nail tech, a small business from home and does house calls to clients.

"Prior to receiving the skill, I was unemployed, at home doing nothing. I feel like a better person now that I have found something that I love. I never knew that I could have done this, what a great feeling to be independent. To the Founder of the Guyana Foundation, thank you for using your dream to help me dream bigger than where I was. To the donors, thank you, you must know that your donations have not gone in vain but it has truly made a difference in my life and in the lives of many others, thank you all"