eGov's Community ICT project

The Guyana Foundation has partnered with the Ministry of Public Telecommunications through their community ICT Hub project .Work is on the way to have an ICT Hub established at the Sunrise Center, Zorg-en-Vlygt, Essequibo Coast.

The National Data Management authority/eGov provides the complete solution as the hubs would be fully equipped with both the devices (Laptops) and the provision of internet signal as well.

This would offer the residents of Zorg-en-Vlygt and its environs as well as the participants of the Sunrise Center a golden opportunity as Government moves to put their services online.

Through the Hub, individuals of all walks of life would be allowed free access to the use of the internet in a space that is safe. In her address to community members, Ms. Blackman, the Community Development Officer attached to NDMA's Region No. 2 office shared that this initiative would be beneficial to the community as it opens a door of endless possibilities for residents.

Guyana Foundation sees this partnership as one that would foster the well-rounded development of community members and as a means of increasing access to our programs, as we fulfill our organizational mandate to contribute to the rebuilding of communities.