We are only able to bring relief to people who are suffering through the help of our generous partners in different parts of the world. Would you please consider partnering with us to help turn our ideas into reality? Perhaps you are able to make a financial donation. Or maybe you prefer to use your business network to share our goals and objectives with others. No matter how you choose to get involved with the Guyana Foundation, you can make a significant and direct impact on the lives of the people of Guyana.
— The Guyana Foundation Team


The Guyana Foundation depends on the generosity of its donors across the world to bring relief and assistance to Guyanese in need. 100% of all financial donations go directly to projects, and each donor is given a private code number that allows them to track where and how their contributions were used.

Project files are maintained at our headquarters in Guyana for each donation received, whether monetary or non-monetary, and these files are available to our donors upon request. We cover our administrative expenses through fundraisers, and with donations from our patrons.

Please send us an email at guyanafoundation@gmail.com if you would like to make a financial contribution to our work. 


Through volunteering, you can be an integral part of our efforts to bring relief and assistance to underprivileged Guyanese across the country. Our volunteers are empowered to participate in every stage of our projects - from planning and fundraising, to project implementation. Just fill out the form below and we'll begin sending you our volunteer updates and other useful information.