We will achieve our vision of a Guyana that is healthy and vibrant via work in the following areas:

Sunrise Centers

These community-based centers are located in various regions with a high incidence of suicide. The first center was opened in October 2016, offering holistic wellness programs to empower individuals to adopt positive lifestyle-related behaviors and practices. Confidential counseling sessions are also offered by trained professionals.

To develop the skill-set of persons in these villages and enhance their access to economic opportunities, we offer training courses in a variety of areas, including hairdressing, photography, IT training, floral and craft, wedding planning, music lessons, leather craft, massage techniques, soap-making, catering techniques and practices, makeup artistry and more.

These programs are offered six days a week by paid professionals from Guyana, and volunteers from around the world who wish to visit and dedicate an allotted amount of time to facilitate training workshops.

To express an interest in conducting a skills-training course, please complete the application below:

Village Renewal

From time to time, we symbolically adopt villages as we have done in the past with Pigeon Island (water was brought to this village for the first time, donations and, counseling), Breezy Point (solar light kits were given to every resident to bring light to a community with no electricity), and Moruca (toilet facilities for 500 children, drinking water, dormitory supplies and other donations).

Our intention is always to strengthen these communities. We network and lobby to get assistance and support from local authorities, then assist with fundraising locally and internationally to reach project goals. This, in turn empowers residents to conduct self-help projects to improve their quality of life.

In 2016, the Foundation will be conducting a village renewal project in Hague Back, on the West Coast of Demerara.

Some of the needs are to build a community center fitted out with sports equipment for the youth in the village, install solar streetlights on the public access road to the community, upgrade some of the access roads to farms in the area, install signage at some of the key points in the village, and teach women to make table linen for resale locally and internationally.


SCOTIABANK Guyana Ltd on Thursday 9th March 2017 donated US$36,000 to the Guyana Foundation (GF) to be used to further the organisation’s humanitarian work in Guyana.

The cheque is the first tranche to be rolled out over a two-year period, with a second disbursement of a further US$36,000 in 2018. The donation will totaled US$72,000, and comes with the compliments of Scotiabank’s Community Project.

The symbolic handing over of the cheque was done following a media briefing at the Sicoibi Salon in the Marriott Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown. The cheque was presented to the Foundation by Ms. Jennifer Cipriani, Public Relations and Marketing Manager of Scotiabank in the presence of Trustee, Mr. Eric Phillips and other representatives of the Guyana Foundation.

In presenting the cheque, Ms. Cipriani announced that the grant of US$72,000 to the Guyana Foundation was the largest ever donation made through the bank’s community programme. She said Scotiabank was very impressed with the work and impact of the Guyana Foundation and so willingly approved the proposal.

Mr. Phillips noted that the Foundation is at an historic juncture today, where the Bank of Nova Scotia, through their Trust, will support the Zorg-en-Vlygt Sunrise Centre for at least two years. Citing hurdles and developments realized, redounding to the benefit of the people of the various communities in which they operate, he said that as an organisation, the Guyana Foundation has certainly moved from strength to strength.

The donation is to be spent essentially on developing the Foundation’s first in a series of ‘Sunrise Centres’ to be established at locations with a high suicide prevalence. Located at Zorg-en-Vlygt on the Essequibo Coast, the first centre was opened to the public in October, 2017. It is open six days per week and offers confidential counselling delivered by trained professionals; skills training in a variety of areas; and has a close working collaboration with Churches, hospitals, and various community groups.

Founder, Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden who gave an overview of the project, via tele-conferencing, joined in expressing gratitude to Scotiabank for what she described as a ‘considerable’ amount of money with which to manage the Centre in Zorg-en-Vlygt. She said the Guyana Foundation community-based centres will be located in various regions with high suicide prevalence. She is hopeful too that more organisations would reach out to help the Foundation, so that they would continue their humanitarian work. With some nine projects being executed countrywide to date, she said “We are extremely grateful that the Foundation is working.” She said that their aim is to set up Sunrise Centers in Charity, ParFaite Harmonie and other areas, in addition to the one at Zorg-en-Vlygt.

The Guyana Foundation is a charitable trust that has been created to contribute meaningfully to the rebuilding of Guyana. Driven by the conviction that great change can be made by people who are encouraged and supported, the Foundation has conducted large and small-scale projects across the country in an effort to restore hope and purpose; rebuild lives; bring relief wherever it is needed, and create a better future for all Guyanese.

Our Impact

The Foundation’s work has been recognized locally, and internationally, and has been featured by prominent news agencies in the US and the UK, such as The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Its founder, Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden, was recently honored with one of Guyana’s highest national awards – the Cacique's Crown of Honor – for her leadership and charitable work in Guyana.

The doors of the Guyana Foundation are open to individuals everywhere, groups, foundations, businesses and international organizations, that wish to assist us in our endeavor to contribute to the achievement of an economically vibrant, socially just, peaceful multicultural Guyana, living out its motto of “One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”

Our operations are overseen by a Board of Trustees headed by Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden, C.C.H.