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Dear Friend,
Over the past year, the Guyana Foundation was able to bring hope and restore dignity to hundreds of Guyanese who have been forgotten and left mostly voiceless.
Projects to provide relief and empowerment to these individuals were conducted in a diverse set of communities in six of the ten geographical regions in the country - ranging from Santa Rosa, to the Upper Corentyne, Linden, Meten-Meer-Zorg, Breezy Point and Georgetown.
The completion of the Foundation’s first financial audit, the creation of a website, the expansion of our volunteer base, and international exposure in articles in The Economist, and by The Associated Press, republished by over 700 major news entities around the world, also provide ample reason to look back with pride at the Foundation’s growth and accomplishments in 2014.  
As we look to 2015, however, we are reminded that there is still much work ahead of us. The country’s suicide rate is currently ranked the highest in the world, over half of primary school students cannot read at their grade level, and violence, in all its various forms, continue to pervade every sector of society. Meanwhile, unemployment and the lack of meaningful opportunities drive hopelessness among those who are most vulnerable.
We can only attempt to address these challenges together, so we encourage you to join us on this journey. Whether you would like to share a technical skill, make a financial donation, hold a fundraiser, or conduct a training program for underprivileged groups of people, you can be a part of this effort to bring transformation to people and communities across Guyana.
Please take a minute to check out our 2014 Year-In-Review below, to see some of the amazing things we were able to accomplish this year with the help of people like you. If you’d like to assist in the New Year, please send us a message.
We wish you and your family all the very best for a prosperous and joyful 2015, and look forward to your continued support.

Warm Regards,
Anthony Autar
Managing Director
Our Mission:

To release the power of people globally to assist Guyanese to transform their communities, bring fulfillment and well-being to their families, enabling them to build relations of trust and friendship among themselves irrespective of race and beliefs. 
Gift of Light

Twenty-five families living in Breezy Point, a community on the East Coast of Demerara without a reliable electricity supply, each received a solar light kit for their homes. Two additional families in Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara, with multiple school-aged children, also received solar light kits to enable the children to complete their homework and study in the evenings.
Youth & Literacy
  • Resources were provided to Youths in Unison, a youth group based on the Upper Corentyne, that enabled them to provide after-school reading and writing sessions to 100 vulnerable children in 10 communities in Berbice.  

  • Over 50 children from underprivileged homes in Meten-Meer-Zorg were provided with much-needed school supplies. 

  • Twenty individuals with special needs now have a more conducive learning environment after a financial donation was made to the Gifted Hands School for Special Needs to purchase fans and teaching aids. 

  • A group of orphans and vulnerable children in Sophia were provided with backpacks and school supplies.
  • Six barrels of school supplies were distributed to several hundred students attending the Santa Rosa Primary and Secondary schools.
  • Secondary school students from remote villages across Region One received blankets and curtains to improve living conditions of the dormitory where they reside.
Women's Empowerment
  • Thirty female business owners in Linden, including food caterers, shopkeepers, a craftsperson, boutique owner and taxi driver, received much-needed training to sustain and expand their businesses.

  • Representatives of the Foundation participated in the One Billion Women Rising event in Guyana to raise awareness and to fight domestic violence against women.

  • A plot of land at the farm of the Foundation’s Founder, Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden has been identified and cleared to conduct a test agriculture project, with the aim of launching multiple similar initiatives to assist women in rural communities to develop a sustainable form of income. 
  • A single mother with eleven children was provided with urgently needed household items for her home, as well as school supplies and hygiene products for her children. Additionally, repairs were made to her home to protect the family from the weather elements, and a plan was created to assist her to start a kitchen garden to supplement meals, and to earn an income.

Community Renewal

Funding was provided to construct an outdoor elevated stage at the Lan-Liv-Man Community Centre in Berbice to enable residents to conduct cultural events for the benefit of the community.
Mental Health
  • Two mental health workshops were conducted by Dr. Latchman Narain, a Canadian-based family therapist, who runs The Anger Management Center in Toronto. One workshop was held at the CIDA Building in Georgetown, and was attended by approximately 70 individuals, including social workers, and representatives of various NGOs and religious groups. The second workshop was held at the Roadside Baptist Church Skills Training Centre in No. 68 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, and was attended by 107 individuals, including family members of individuals who have attempted, or actually ended their life by suicide, representatives of NGOs, religious leaders, social workers, health care workers and two police officers.
  • 100 mental health posters were distributed to schools, NGOS, and business entities in Regions 2-6. 
  • A dedicated mental health Facebook page was launched to share useful information, videos, and articles, about mental disorders, with members of the Guyanese public.

  • Serena Coultress, a mental health researcher from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, was hosted as she conducted a research study into the socio-economic factor driving the suicide rate in Guyana. The findings of this study were released to the public in Guyana, and were featured prominently in the major local news media - including front page coverage in Sunday Stabroek, and Guyana Times. This study was also highlighted in an article in The Economist, and in a piece by The Associated Press, which was republished by over 700 major news entities around the world. 
  • A donation of $73,000 was made to Pastor Kishun of Abundant Life Fellowship to facilitate a monthly mental health photo exhibition and book fair in Blairmont, Ithaca and surrounding villages.

  • A collaboration was formalized with Ms. Savitri Persaud, a 4th-year Ph.D. Candidate at York University in Toronto, who is conducting an interdisciplinary research study focusing on the everyday ways in which Guyanese engage with and talk about mental health and all of its diverse discourses and associated practices. This research is funded by the Government of Canada through a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council doctoral Fellowship (SSHRC) Osgoode Hall Law School’s Nathanson Graduate Fellowship.
  • A mental health ‘selfie’ Facebook event was held to mark World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2014. Submissions were received from a diverse group of individuals across Guyana, and internationally, from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Cayman Islands. 

  • A hot meal, a care package, and encouragement was provided to 130 individuals living on the streets of Georgetown. This program was designed by one of the Foundation’s volunteers, Mr. Gerard Khan, and was generously funded by Mr. Shirvington Hannays of Canada. 
  • Mental health advertisements were published in Guyana Times and Kaieteur News in January and February, 2014.
We are deeply grateful to all our donors, who make it possible for us to continue our work to bring relief to people in need. The following entities and individuals have inspired us by their generosity, and we would like to publicly thank them for their donation and support in 2014:
  • Buddy’s Restaurant
  • Digicel
  • Gizmos & Gadgets
  • GT&T
  • Kendall United Methodist Church
  • Metro Guyana
  • Pegasus Hotel
  • Alt Thompson & Family
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Gary Wills & Family
  • Gerard Khan
  • Joseph Moore
  • Michael Embleton
  • Nadia Sagar
  • Roanne Baldeo-Prashad
  • Rukhmin Budhram
  • Shirvington Hannays
  • Stephanie Walls
  • Tisha Mootoo
  • Vanessa Daniels


You can still get one of the beautiful t-shirts we're selling to raise funds for our upcoming projects, and to  spread our message of unity across Guyana. These t-shirts are sold at GY $2,500 each, and are available in orange, blue, white, lime green, pink and black. Please call 691-9351 to place your order.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly towards projects to improve the lives of people in need.
Volunteers drive the work of the Foundation, and now have the opportunity to shape and develop projects from their inception, all the way to completion. If you’d like to become a part of our dynamic group of volunteers, just complete the short registration form at www.guyanafoundation.com/join, and we’ll contact you to discuss how you can help.  
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